Sunday, May 22, 2016

How Flowers Die


We await their arrival
Seed the soil
Water the plants
Invite bees to our garden

We nurture their buds
Walk among their fields
Inhale their bouquet 
With our children

We cut their stems
To fit our glass vases
Arrange them for the pleasure
Of a loved one

We spread their petals
Freshly plucked 
On grooms and goddesses 
In our sanctums 

We paint their colors 
Snap them with our phones
Share their pics in our feeds
To be coveted by millions

We ship them 
In containers across continents
In the dead of winter
So a girl's heart may be won

And after the bloom is off

We toss away the dry ones
Wash away the trodden
Burn the rotten
And sweep away the spotted ones

When they are done
So are we with them

Call this cosmic chakra
Or the karmic logic
Of a third eye

For we fear not
How flowers die