Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Face it

The truth that trumps all other truths. 
A truth that you can't escape. 

Doesn't matter whether you accept or reject it. Who cares if you shout at it and fight it. Get mad at it. Laugh or cry at it. Beg and plead with it. 

Some say accepting this truth is the only path. But even your acceptance doesn't matter.

Look at it as you would at: the open sea, a thunderstorm, a sunset or a meteor blazing the sky. But with out any emotion. Behold it like a silent movie. After the emotion it evokes has washed over and gone. After the tears have dried up, the laughter has ceased and all thoughts have drained from your mind.  

You and your mortality - are one. At best, you can simply face it.

- Amrita Pritam